June 6, 2019

Sushi School is a sushi making class for adults - it’s interactive, fun and you don’t need to know anything about sushi to join in! We arranged a workshop especially for the Manchester WI so we could learn to roll our own sushi.

Teej, our Sushi master, started off by explaining the history behind Yo! and that on the average morning before they open at 11am the chefs have rolled approx.150 rolls (that's about 1080 individual pieces of sushi!!!) We learnt to make a few different types of roll depending on your food preferences as they do cater to vegans: Cucumber Maki, Spicy Chicken ISO or a Yasai roll, and a Mini Crispy Prawn ISO or an Avocado Maki. We also had a Salmon cutting demonstration.

We got our lovely handmade sushi cut up to take home with us (admittedly some of it just got eaten straight away!!) We also got to take home our sushi rolling mat and a sushi making "how to" booklet with a 25% off voucher for the next time we dine in with Yo! I really enjoyed it and came home with lo...

May 14, 2019

"I really fancy keeping chickens" is not something you hear very often but its a statement which my boyfriend came out with last year. I was surprised. A chicken is not your average pet and we had just got two kittens. But the seed was planted. I really like the idea of being more self-sustaining and grow fruit and herbs in the garden, but chickens would be taking it to another level. As a plus my eggs would come from happy healthy hens, they would be organic, and would not be 4 weeks old like most "fresh" supermarket eggs. But I needed to know the downside and get some practical knowledge.

A few weeks later on our monthly Costco shop we discovered a chicken hut on sale....looks like it was meant to be. Obviously we bought the hut and set it up in the garden (because who can resist a bargain that was hundreds of pounds cheaper than the same on the internet!!) A chicken run and lack of knowledge was the only thing holding us back from going hen shopping so I found a course in Manchester...

June 5, 2018

Last night the Lady Skillers went to the Jurys Inn where the Manchester Wine School had put on a wine taster for us. We each had 6 glasses laid out with tasting notes about each of the wines, which included three white and three red...plus lots of yummy meat, cheese and crackers. One of the first things our host Lara was offer us a spittoon which of course everyone had a laugh at. I think we can agreed that we all wanted to drink the wine instead of spitting it out!

We were told what to look for in the wine i.e. if it clung to the glass when swirled then it had "legs" and that relates to the alcohol content!! After looking and sniffing our wine we then got to slurp (obviously the bit we were all waiting for)

I think you'll forgive this post for being rather short, as after 6 glasses of wine plus the after drinks in the pub, things do get a bit hazy!! A good night had by all anyway and I'd definitely give wine tasting another go.....perhaps tonight!