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Instalment plan 2022/23

You can pay in instalments for your 2022/23 membership of Manchester WI.

As this option is brand new to us, we’re only offering it until the end of April 2021. 

The instalment cost is based on the current membership fee of £44 and will take x10 monthly instalments via PayPal of £4.40, between April 2021 – January 2022.

The total fee for WI membership in 2022/23 will be set by NFWI and hasn’t been announced yet. It will be slightly more that £44, so there will be a minimal final payment to make towards your membership which will start from April 2022.

Our treasurers will be in touch once they know what the final payment will be with options of how to pay.

If you decide that you no longer wish to pay by instalments for your 2022/23 membership please email and let us know.

Your subscriptions paid up to that point can be refunded in full up until January 2022 but please be aware that our committee are all volunteers and will action this as soon as they’re able to. 

Click here to be taken to PayPal and set up your 2022/23 Manchester WI instalment payment plan:

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