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Eating for the Planet
Organic Vegetables

Here at Manchester WI, we're passionate about taking action on climate change, and our Jam & Le Creusetlem foodie group is no exception! Our September meeting is all about sharing tips for eating more sustainably. There's lots of ways we can do this, and the WWF has a list of Top 10 Tips on where to start.

For those of you looking to cut down on single use plastic, here's a list of zero waste shops in Greater Manchester:

The Marine Conservation Society has a handy guide for which seafood is the most sustainable, creating a traffic light system of ratings for best choices and which fish to avoid:

There are also lots of websites containing loads of recipes for using up leftovers, eating the parts of veggies typically thrown away (carrot top pesto anyone?) and top tips for reducing food waste in general:

Finally, for those of you with a green thumb, it doesn't get more sustainable than having a go at growing your own:

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