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George House Trust

“Your HIV test was positive”, these are words that 4,139 people hear each year in the UK. When they do, George House Trust is here to help. From our volunteers sitting in the waiting room ready to talk when someone has just received their diagnosis, to our peer mentors and counselling services helping people to come to terms with the news when there is so much information to absorb and so much to adjust to in those first few weeks.

We’re here too as people with HIV navigate their lives. Helping to access the healthcare and mental health support that is needed to stay healthy, and going further to providing advice and support on managing the impact of a diagnosis on things like employment, social situations and sexual and romantic relationships.

Although there is still no cure for HIV, treatments have developed to such an extent that by taking them regularly, people can reduce the amount of HIV in their body to undetectable levels. This means that many people with HIV live as long and longer than those who are HIV negative. As people with HIV are living longer, the issues they face are changing too. We provide specific services for people over fifty, the fastest growing group of people living with HIV in the UK, focussed on aging with HIV.

Although HIV has moved a long way medically there are still many challenges following an HIV diagnosis. Stigma and discrimination continue to be an issue for people living with HIV. We address the stigma and discrimination that still persists, sharing the message U=U: Undetectable = Untransmissible, challenging the fear surrounding ‘catching HIV’ and replacing it with knowledge and facts, and fighting for people living with HIV to have equal access to opportunities as anyone with an HIV negative diagnosis.

To find out more, donate, raise money or volunteer, visit our website, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages, or drop us a line at

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