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Mustard Tree

Mustard Tree believes in a Greater Manchester where everybody has the opportunity to be a connected, valued and contributing member of society. We hope to achieve this by tackling both the causes and consequences of poverty and homelessness. This means we support people from a variety of backgrounds in drastically different circumstances. We create opportunities for people to help themselves through both immediate support - food, clothing, furniture, toiletries - and long term opportunities - classes, clubs, activities and training.


For Mustard Tree to be able to meet the drastically increased demand, we’re always after volunteers across two areas:

1) On site in Ancoats and Salford, helping out in areas like our Food Club, Community Shop, Warehouse, Food Delivery, Driver’s Mates, Helpdesk, Reception and Facilities Management – we like one or two volunteers in each role to bolster our staff and make sure our offer is comprehensive and personable. This can be individuals giving up a day a week, or coming in as a group to tackle a specific task.  


2) Supporting, leading or setting up one of our classes, clubs, activities and events. Anyone with skills, hobbies, or interests in any area, from textiles, to yoga, to computer skills, is encouraged to get in touch to discuss. 


More details on our volunteering roles can be found here.

As part of Mustard Tree’s COVID-19 recovery roadmap, we’ve relaunched lots of on-site classes, clubs, services and events. Everything on our timetable is run weekly at our Ancoats Hub, with most activities having the option to participate through Zoom. If you’re interested in joining in and taking part or lending your time to support something below, please get in touch!

Mustard Tree Class & Club Timetable V4.1
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