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Nurturing Foundations

Nurturing Foundations is based in Harpurhey, North Manchester, a challenging area ranked as the 2nd worst ward in England for the effect of long-term deprivation on children and families. Many residents have suffered adverse childhood experiences and most have very limited aspirations. We have a vision for the future where individuals - especially young people - in Greater Manchester have the aspirations, resilience, and skills to flourish and the confidence to play an active role in civic life. Our mission is to help nurture vital social and life skills in young people and communities through a range of social and learning activities.

Social Saturdays

These are our weekly term-time Saturday gatherings of children and young people in a safe setting where they learn Social Skills (also referred to as interpersonal or soft skills) in a fun and interactive environment. We have partnered with the British School of Etiquette to deliver these sessions for the Summer Term, due to commence in September.


The Relief Hub

Covid-19 has had a tremendous impact on everyone, from children and young people to adults, parents and the elderly, some of whom have lost a spouse, family member or loved one. Nurturing Foundations plans to provide a hub where children will have access to books and STEM materials to promote their creativity and innovation and also provide food, support, information and resources to adults and families of the victims of the pandemic, ensuring that they live happier and healthier lives going forward.

Jane and her children were devastated when she lost her husband and their father within weeks of the COVID-19 global pandemic. Her husband died due to complications from the virus. Jane is a stay-at-home mum with two young children (Sam aged 5 and Amara age 3).


Nurturing Foundations has been providing families like Jane, Sam and Amara with food, immediate relief, emotional support, counselling, mental health workshops and long-term recovery efforts to help them rebuild their lives. Our goal is to support over 1,000 families going through loss in our community. Our long-term impact will provide solutions involving members of the community coming together, thereby also improving long-term community cohesion for the families of victims in Manchester.


We have a unique opportunity to be on GlobalGiving; a global crowdfunding platform which will support and give our work much-needed visibility. Our Relief Hub Project is participating in GlobalGiving's July Bonus Day, scheduled to take place on 14th July from 2pm. During this time GlobalGiving will be matching donations of $100 and over while funds last. To donate, please click here.

First 1000 Days Project

Leading child health experts worldwide agree that care given during the First 1000 Days has more influence on a child’s future than any other time in their life. To support a child’s mental health and wellbeing development, we will be having family engagement sessions delivering training sessions on best practice, trauma informed practice, avoiding deprivation and how to overcome impacts of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) including cultural expectations.


We are seeking to engage with pregnant women and families with young children in the North Manchester area in order for them to benefit from this project.

We will support four volunteer community mentors that will attend training sessions on boundaries, safeguarding, and the principles of mentoring. The mentors would offer support to pregnant women and families with young children under 2 years old throughout the

To find out more information or participate in any of our projects please visit Nurturing Foundations or contact us at

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