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Monthly meeting: Women's health

October's meeting was based around talking about women's health. I personally love talking about health conditions so was particularly looking forward to this one!

First up we had the brilliant comedian Amy Vreeke, who told us about her struggle with endometriosis and made us laugh with her. Amy's standup show highlights the difficulty many women face getting a correct diagnosis for endometriosis and the life-changing impact the condition has.

And then we were joined by group Every Month Manchester who told us about their amazing work to tackle period poverty. They create period packs containing sanitary products for people experiencing homelessness and poverty in Manchester, distributed via foodbanks, shelters and charities. They currently create 250 packs a month and run entirely on donations. They got us campaigning through writing letters to the council asking them to fund a scheme where sanitary products are free in schools, walk-in centres and sexual health clinics. If you're interested, they're hosting an event later this month to raise money: link here.

Next month's meeting is a bit different: a member's bazaar, showcasing all the small business owner's in MCR WI, and is open to non-members so you can stock up on Christmas presents! Check out our facebook for details, and for info on all upcoming events.

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