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Lady Skillers: Flower Arranging

After seeing the results of our annual Christmas wreath classes, and having seen her booth at our November members Bazaar, one of our lovely members requested I arrange another workshop with Alison from The Flower Studio. Well her wish is my command (on this occasion- I don't usually grand many wishes!!), so we met up at the Friends Meeting House on the 23rd April 2018 for a flower arranging workshop. Inspired by the approaching summer and lazy afternoons spent picnicking in the countryside, the idea was to create a design which introduces some of the basics of flower arranging as well as using some more contemporary techniques to create an arrangement reminiscent of a floral meadow.

Here is the example Alison brought with pressure!

Alison explained the names of all of the flowers and grasses which we would be using- the best name was definitely "Chincherinchee".

Then we were shown how to prepare our lovely "spring" wooden boxes so that they didn't leak water all over your table when watered (very sensible), and how to approach creating your design. The aim was to position focal flowers to draw your attention, transitional ones to lead your eye around the display, and fillers to....well fill out the rest! This would give the display a pleasing structure.....and I can safely say we were all very pleased with the results!

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