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SICK! Festival

SICK! Festival is a Manchester-based arts organisation which shines a light on the complexities of mental and physical health.  We give voice to the experiences of diverse and often marginalised communities by presenting international arts programmes which encourage participants, audiences and partners to learn from and talk about difficult and challenging issues, so often hidden from public view.  We commission powerful and engaging work by international, national and GM based artists, who make their work with, alongside and for local communities with lived experience, health professionals, charities and researchers.

Current and previous projects have included:


  • MINDSCAPES which explores the effect of our surroundings on our physical and mental health, with artworks presented online and in the public spaces of Manchester City Centre and North Manchester from April 2021

  • The Year my Vagina Tried to Kill Me by Manchester-based Amy Vreeke, a theatre show which explored her personal experiences of living with endometriosis

  • Graphic Encounters, which discussed the lived experiences of women in Manchester through graphic posters across Greater Manchester’s Metrolink network

Our Spring 2022 international festival will present arts projects, performances and exhibitions on a wide range of themes including female sexuality, mental health, health inequalities, menopause, aging and radicalism and gender identity.


To find out more: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Mailing List

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