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Sow The City

Sow the City (STC) is a Manchester-based social enterprise with a mission to help urban communities grow their own food and connect with nature. Growing in cities makes sense, with the potential to provide an abundance of free and nutritious food. Since 2009 we have taught 10,000 Greater Manchester residents to grow their own.


Our network includes thousands of growers across Manchester. We work with a huge number of partners from health, community, educational and private sectors. Our projects encourage skills-building, community cohesion and reduce social isolation.


During the coronavirus pandemic, STC support Manchester communities with e-learning, advice to new growers and community groups and collaboration with food charities addressing food security.


STC recently established a new environmental centre for making and mending


You can find out more about our projects here.


If you are interested in getting involved in growing in your local area take a look at the Manchester Good to Grow Map for local community growing groups. Or get in touch via for advice, and to join our volunteer mailing list.

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